About Us

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I have always wanted a French Bulldog, but I wanted a special and unique colour to be more exact. That was just me, always looking for a challenge and to be somewhat different. 

That was when my heart got stuck on a Blue Merle Frenchie. Introducing Dezi, the first blue merle in South Africa. We imported her all the way from Slovenia. She won over our hearts and we decided to get her a Frenchie friend. Dante was imported from Hungary. We needed to make sure they are both 100% healthy so we went through all the available testing like hip, spine, heart, patella HC, DM, and many more. After confirming that they were healthy, they were ready to start their journey in South Africa. 

Our Frenchie family grew and every new addition to the family just made us love them more. Our Frenchie's are part of our family and live indoors with us and live the best, loving, caring, and fun life a Frenchie can dream of. 

We always keep in touch with the families of pups that moved on to different homes. Building a loving and strong community where every Frenchie family is welcome. 


If you would like a pup from us you become part of our family. Please take a few minutes to look at and get to know our beautiful Frenchie family.

Here are a few photos of our Frenchie Family and some of the memories we have shared together.